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Client Updates

Updated: Oct 17, 2023


We have had an eventful few weeks over at Adelante! I want to take this moment to recognize the hard work of our interns over the years since the fruits of their labor are oftentimes not evident until much later.

First, our client NH was granted a one-year stay by ICE at her check-in. This was an entirely discretionary decision since she has now exhausted all of her appeals and she is subject to a final order of removal. Two of our new interns, Aliya and Drew, accompanied NH to her check-in and celebrated her temporary reprieve with her. We will be back again next year. Several recent grads have worked on this case over the years, including Idi Melendez, Brittany Gilder, Taylor Dempsey, Sonsirez Robles, and Dedra Brown.

Second, our client CKBH was finally scheduled for his final hearing in Immigration Court early next year. Recent graduates Dedra Brown and Natalie Miramontes-Tankersley put together his initial application and country conditions evidence. He has a solid case for asylum based on his political opinion and Anaivis Garcia, among others, will be actively working on his case until the hearing date.

And third, one of our cases has been remanded from the Eleventh Circuit! Instrumental in these efforts were Travis Dorman, Zee Scout, Kate Sands, Dedra Brown, Michael Lussier, Kate Moran, and Zhina Kamali.

Thank you all for your efforts on behalf of our clients!

I hope you will remain connected to Adelante.

In solidarity,

Arlene Amarante

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