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Resource Spotlight: Motion for a telephonic hearing

I was recently contacted by an acquaintance who is scheduled to attend a Master Calendar Hearing in Memphis later this month. She lives in Sevierville and, because she is undocumented, she is unable to obtain a driver's license in the state of Tennessee. The drive from Sevierville to Memphis would take about 7 hours. She will have to miss at least one day of work and she is nervous because she is unsure whether she can afford the trip. On the other hand, failure to attend a scheduled hearing could result in an automatic order of deportation.

Thus, I directed her to an app on our website designed to help users construct a Motion for a Telephonic Hearing. This was one of the first apps created for us by UT's Access to Justice Clinic law students Alejandra Palomo, Michael Caskey, and Javier Corral. The app is available in English and Spanish and includes screenshots with helpful notations. Take a look!

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